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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join TAMID Group?

TAMID Group stands out as YU’s exclusive consulting and investment club, providing a distinctive experience for students. Being a globally recognized organization, TAMID Group offers a wide range of business-oriented, social, and philanthropic opportunities that enhance your resume and skills. Our organization consists of diverse students with various backgrounds, interests, and career aspirations.

Does TAMID Group only take business majors?

No, TAMID Group welcomes students from various academic backgrounds. Although many members are pursuing business majors, our organization includes students studying a wide range of disciplines such as economics, political science, engineering, and more.

How much of a time commitment is TAMID Group?

During the education period, there are mandatory requirements that include weekly attendance at meetings, coffee chats, and speaker events. As a full member, you are expected to attend TAMID night every week on the WILF Campus and dedicate time to research outside of meetings. Being a part of TAMID is highly rewarding, and the effort you invest in the organization is likely to correlate with the benefits you receive.
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